We are necessary and useful chain for people associated in logistics and transport system.

We can help you and your organization get all actual and required knowledge related with transport and logistics.

We are already a century old

It sounds incredible but since 1919 we have been working in this industry and since then we have been developing every day. And all these years we’ve seen everything and took into account and gained experience. And during this period, this industry has become an integral part of the world economy and now this industry accounts for 12% of GDP globally.

We work in any industry sectors

Whatever your level of professionalism is and wherever you work now, we definitely help you to sharpen your professionalism in any industry. We have a very wide seizure of industries. Our employees and partners work in all possible sectors, such as factories, ports, air, sea, planning of transport and demand, etc. You will not be left alone.

We are globalizing

We are already in more than thirty countries. We are a worldwide membership organization. The standards that we have made and your status of membership are known everywhere, wherever you go, wherever you work. We and our actions influence many spheres of state policy in many countries of the world. With us you will get an education of any level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced one.

We can cooperate and be partners for life

We start working with students and support them all the way to becoming a director of the company, the government and the professor of their industry. We support you at any stage, be it the definition of practice, the acquisition of qualifications, a meeting with specialists from different industries.
You can have and will have different needs. As your partner, we will be with you from beginning to end. Join us faster.