In this article we will tell you who is allowed to provide CILT accredited programs and qualifications and what educational organizations need to do to be allowed to teach people all over the world.

It is crucial to conform to CILT’s norms and rules when it comes to teaching environment, experience of teachers, educational methods and other fields. Click the link to get more information about the list of centers and courses which were approved by CILT. Accredited Providers January 2016

Approved courses and education providers

The International CILT maintains an enumeration of providers which are allowed to carry out training services such as:

  • CILT Qualification – from level 1 to 6 as complete courses
  • CILT qualification – from level 1 to 5 using just single modules
  • The degrees of accreditation that lead to the privileges of membership in Chartered Membership (work experience is still important)
  • Approved short-term courses and Continuing Professional Development.

Applicants are recommended to look at our prior list before making inquiries into further studies.

The CILT gives a possibility of distance learning, in cases when it is impossible to attend a local center.

How to become a provider of the training

To become a teacher with the qualification of the CILT, it is necessary to send in an application and provide additional information to the International Coordinator of Professional Development. You can apply here.

CILT has prepared a manual that must be strictly followed by people who provide courses from CILT or want to receive accreditation from CILT. The manual can be downloaded here.

Course teachers have to understand the necessity for all members of the CILT meet high level of standards. Even though organizations are able to invite guests and various teachers, we would like them to have reliable teachers for the long term.

We understand the necessity of adaptation and in some cases, teachers may want to give a unit or a few as a little course with a reward for it, such as a certificate with the possibility for the students to continue the course and get the absolute qualification whenever they want. We can discuss cases like this individually.

Accreditation processes and the requirement to attend the site to be conducted by the official member of the international CILT team are charged. The processes of accreditation can not be accomplished through an official visit of CILT’ members to the location, including applicants from colleges that offer their diplomas via foreign memberships.

Teachers pay for the expenses of the visit, but sometimes native CILT organizations help to organize several visits in order to keep the cost as affordable as possible. You can get individual consultations from both local and international coordinators after sending the initial request. Only the international CILT can officially authorize the center. But we stay in touch with local CILTs and advise about all applications.

In cases when there are Territorial Organizations, they do their job in that country, although CILT International establishes the standards.

The strict process of submitting applications and testing is explained by the fact that we maintain our standards at a high level. Re-accreditation must be performed every three years.

Course Recognition

The International CILT supports every kind of opportunity for teachers to train and improve as well. Despite the fact that the CILT is unable to authorize courses like that, CILT still works with territorial organizations and departments to find different ways to accredit the quality of CPD, such as different courses, evening lectures and other opportunities for development.