The purpose of our enterprise is to work with educational institutions of all levels and also with branch enterprises organizing a set of entrants

Our goal is to involve more educational institutions and industry enterprises.

Within the framework of the implementation of our sectoral program, we can use a number of methods of interaction with the Institute of Logistics and Transport – these are the pratic and strategic levels of interaction. The main methods are business plans for a period of 3 years for the following related areas of interactions:

  • Partnership in the field of interaction with major employers in the sectoral areas, which will allow training and upgrading of existing employees on the content of the CILT course
  • Partnership with educational institutions to increase the number of branches of the Institute of Logistics and Transport on the basis of existing institutions.
  • Carrying out of own researches and workings out together with partner educational institutions
  • Organization of exchange courses for students and institutions of transport and logistics.
  • Organization of participation of representatives of the Institute in international forums and conferences
  • Expansion of possible ways to improve the policy in the field of logistics and transport organization, as well as the installation of industry standards at local levels
  • Facilitating the expansion of the scope of the possible application of the acquired knowledge to students and graduates of the Institute, as well as the expansion of existing developments and databases in the field of the Institute
  • Introduction of principally new programs and teaching methods, including short-term express courses