This area is designed to bring together any “live” projects that are developed by members and their employers. This covers University research, PhD / MSc level, and broader quantitative or qualitative research that will be relevant to the global CILT family.

The CILT Research portal allows you to register your research or field of study by providing a brief overview:

  • What you explore
  • When you do your research
  • What you hope to find

You can use the portal to invite other members to contact you to offer help, support, and collaboration.

You can also post links to any profiles you use for a certain period of time.

CILT International will post information about projects for students to provide support at the bachelor or master level.

If you are a University or research body that wants to work in collaboration with CILT International on future projects, please let us know.

Final reports and research will be penalized through the international website of CILT and will be available through our published articles area.