Skilled professionals met for changing transport logistic system in London at Savoy hotel on November of 1919. During the First World War the selling goods and vehicles was unfit. After that they were going to create a new standard to change that order. That’s how The Institute of Transport was made.

Our development

The main company’s strategy was to perfect transport system. Same we are doing now. Our group was granted a Royal Charter by King George V with himself as the Patron and the Prince of Wales as the Honorary President in 1926.

The Institute influenced to world progress by creating territorial groups in ten different states. We were got the name of the Chartered Institute of Transport by Queen Elizabeth II.

Our organization became the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2001 and the professional leaders all over the world.

Who are we in nowadays

Today we participate almost in each logistics and transport area. Our leaders based on the 1919 Institute strategy on improving the science of transport and logistics. Thank to talent progress and excellent education we create all that mechanism. Every year our qualified leaders gather to our annual International Convention in different world parts. They discuss our appeared goals and plans to the future. The opinions of those first Savoy hotel trailblazers continue living and change our today reality.