The main goal of Aspire is to organize financial support and help to people who are not able to get such kind of help in reaching their potential in transport and logistics field to its fullest. Aspire does its job under the aegis of the Institute as a charity organization within CILT.

CILT Aspire a man helping a warehouse man

Aspire helps beginners by:

  • Giving them access to skills which are established in the industry
  • Attracting charity partners to places for training
  • Getting the CILT’s actual partners’ help
  • Supporting more than a hundred people every year

We will help people financially to sustain full or partial apprenticeship, first of all, for established professional skills in the logistics, transport and supply system areas, which were procured by the CILT and authorized by Awarding organizations, that were recognized by the CILT.

Our Awarding Group will assess all the applications and choose the ones which deserve the awards. Their answer will be eventual and must not be appealed. Licensed skills are the ones, which were authorized by the CILT. But other skills in the sector suggested by different vocational institutes can be deliberated by the authority of the Awards Group, that includes members of the industry and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The main requirement for receiving grants is that recipients must be members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

The financial help will be provided just in the sector of course fees or buying of books and different kinds of materials for learning from distance. Sometimes when cases of severities are proven, there can be offered assistance with living and traveling expenses relevant to partnership in asserted courses. Cases like this will be reviewed individually.

Only participants who do not have any possibility to get financing from other channels will receive the prizes. That is why our prizes will not be given if an applicant received a grant or loan via the other resources, which are accessible to students. We will not sponsor science degrees or study projects as well.

Aspire can prioritize applicants who have sponsorship from other resources, including cooperation with institutions or have a long-time heritage. Arrangements maintained by Aspire usually should be started during 12 months of the grant being inured.

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