• Bruno Kinyaga
  • Member
  • Tanzania

I am Bruno Kinyaga from Tanzania and have a bachelor’s degree in customs and tax administration. Before finishing my studies, I decided to join CILT in Tanzania and encourage other young professionals to become members. I had an internship at Port Operations in one of the largest container companies in Taiwan, which is also a corporate member of CILT. During my internship, I helped create a group of young CILT specialists in Tanzania.

In June 2014, I was highly regarded as one of the “Internationally successful people of the year”, receiving the “endowment Fund” for research on road accidents in urban areas of Dar es Salaam. As a reward, I was awarded the Henry Spearry prize. My future plans are to continue to improve CILT by increasing the number of new members, collaborating with future projects and studying master’s degree in logistics and transport.

  • Rachel Evans
  • Chartered Member
  • UK

I’m Rachel Evans, a 34-year-old transportation planner working at Atkins in Birmingham. During my studies in the field of ecology, I was fascinated by the role of transport planning in the formation of our cities and suburbs. My structured graduate training program was linked to CILT, so my first three years of counseling were a good Foundation and having completed the program in 2004 I achieved CMILT status.

Another ten years, and my career has developed in areas including leading business in Atkins demand management. So TDM is acutely represented in the activities of CILT here in the UK, pushing me to become the Chairman of the “Forum on demand management for transportation.” Here, we share knowledge and practical experience of implementation, through events, networking sessions and the development of best practices in the public and private sectors. The future of TDM is very promising – CILT and its approach to lifelong learning are definitely part of this field.

  • Eli Andoli
  • Affiliate Member
  • Ghana

I am Eli Andoli and I recently completed the CILT international Advanced Diploma program in 2014 at the Institute of management and public administration of Ghana and then moved to work in ship operations at GMT Shipping Togo.

My interest in getting CIMA Diploma and Advanced Diploma came from the fact that logistics covers countless professions, giving good prospects for career development. I realized that CILT offers high-quality professional qualification, and it gives the opportunity to move to the post-graduate level.

I recently applied to Liverpool John Moores University in the UK for a master’s degree. The Maritime operations management programme is due to the wide range of topics covered and the strategic perspective that this course will provide in the Maritime sector. This master’s course will allow me to develop in the field of Maritime law and transport Economics and became possible thanks to the CILT Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Ghana.

  • Mieszko Iwaskow
  • Chartered Member
  • New Zealand

It is really important for me to continue my continuous professional development and training with CILT. Since moving to New Zealand 8 years ago to work for the new Zealand transport Agency, I have seen the Institute as a great way to connect my life with transport logistics professionals.

I have a strong desire to help the Institute grow and develop young professionals. Relationships are an integral part of career development. CILT offers an excellent opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people around the world.

Being a part of CILT, it really helped me to become a new leader in the transport sector. Being involved in planning, I was able to move quickly to a leadership role as a transport planning Manager responsible for planning and developing all new public highway projects across the network. At the beginning of 2015, I was promoted again to the position of project delivery Manager for NZTA, managing thirty employees.

Even though I am still a “young professional”, my history shows that with a commitment to personal and professional development, CILT can really help you to advance your career.