Continuous professional development (CPD) is an integral part of personal and career development, and we want to encourage local programs that solve problems locally.

Whether participating in local events, short courses, personal research, networking or other methods, we strive to ensure that students and younger professionals maintain their relationship with CILT and use THE Institute as a partner for lifelong learning.

What is CPD?

The CPD is described as”systematically maintaining and improving knowledge, skills and competence throughout the professional life”. Commitment to the CPD is an integral part of professionalism.

Keeping your knowledge and skills in today’s fast-changing world of work is vital, but some people find it more difficult to plan and systematically improve their own skills than to create systems for continuous improvement in the workplace. CILT offers members guidance and support to help them make the most of their continuous professional development.

CILT have taken a strong commitment to CPD, and all members should adopt philosophy as part of their own career paths. CPD commitment will be seen as a key indicator when trying to move to higher levels of CILT membership.

Manual and CPD tools

Many of the representatives of CILT have already learned CPD materials to help professionals at each level to develop and advance their career. Here are some of the tools available:

Record CPD-so you can track your personal development
Reflective training diary-so you can record and evaluate the knowledge and skills
Personal development plan – to let you know where the gaps in your knowledge and competence are and how you plan to fill them

We are currently developing a CPD Toolkit that can be adapted by branches and territorial organizations for use at the local level and which was launched in Dubai in September 2015.

The benefits of CPD

One of the most powerful benefits of membership in CILT, available in some countries, is access to the International knowledge center.

This allows specialists to search a huge database of information using short search queries. The range of source material that the knowledge Center extracts is extremely extensive and easily accessible.


Some countries of our family HAVE already developed successful mentoring programs, thanks to which professionals devote time to help the next generation reach their potential.

At the international level, we are exploring how we can develop and expand mentoring services and assist young professionals in finding a mentor who will support them through Facebook, email, Skype, phone or other means of communication.

If you are a representative of CILT and would like to study this, please contact the international professional development coordinator.